Sunday, November 8, 2009

Running 4 Kids!

Well, homeschool kids get so many perks don't they? I mean, they're not over scheduled, they get plenty of rest, and plenty of time to PLAY! My kids are outside a lot and love learning new sports and games. If you are looking for a different way to get your kids active, or maybe looking for some quality time with one of your kids in particular, running is a great way for both. My almost 7 year old has been wanting to run with her daddy since he started training for a half-marathon a couple of months ago. He has been consistent with his training but has not yet found a good way to incorporate her into it. Tonight I found some GREAT answers on a running site just for kids - They have articles to get you started and answers to questions from beginners to advanced kid runners. They also have "ribbon" programs designed to give your child that sense of accomplishment that every kid needs. After reading the article about getting started, it almost made me want to start running myself! I can't wait to see some serious father/daughter bonding!!