Monday, August 17, 2009

Nose to the Grind-Stone

We officially start school tomorrow. Things were put off slightly when our books didn't arrive on time. In fact, some of them are not yet here! Argh! It will be a slow and easy transition for us. I am planning on a thorough review of the Hooked on Phonics with my Preschooler. My first grader will start her language arts curriculum as well. We are doing a notebooking curriculum this year, so they will also have the opportunity to decorate their notebooks any way they want. I find that my kids love being able to personalize things and take charge - even if it is of something as insignificant as their notebooks. We are all ready and excited to start the new year!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Cirriculum

These are my final book selections for this school year:

Language Arts -

  • Draw Write Now (8 book series ) by Marie Hablitzel ($62)
  • Eats, Shoots & Leaves (Why, Commas Really DO Matter!) by Lynne Truss ($10)
  • Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl ($14.65)

Math -

  • Abeka Math 1st grade ($40)

Science -

  • Real Science 4 Kids Pre Level-1 Chemistry ($29)
  • Real Science 4 Kids Pre Level-1 Biology ($29)

Social Studies -

  • Galloping the Globe ($24.99)

Art -

  • The Anti-Coloring Book ($10.40)
  • Draw Write Now (see above)

Music -

  • considering piano lessons for Abby

Foreign Language -

  • an introduction to languages around the world through music

Bible Study -

  • The Discoverers' Bible NIRV